Golf coach hits shots through wife's MINIVAN to simulate pressure

Golf coach Eric Chiles demonstrates how to simulate tournament pressure with this drill, but draws comparisons with Ian Poulter who once chipped a ball through his £1 million Ferrari. 

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Sun, 9 Jan 2022
Golf coach hits shots through wife's MINIVAN to simulate pressure

A professional golf coach had an interesting idea to try and simulate pressure: using his wife's car. 

It's an interesting concept and one that could cost you your marriage but there's no doubting this will probably make you think a bit. 

Just how far would you go to try and improve your contact with the ball knowing you could smash a window?

Eric Chiles ably demonstrates using his 'chili wacker' training aid which he designed himself. 

Side note: what a great name for a training aid. 

A chili whacker. 

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Watch the video below


"I find to work on pressure, I pull my wife's van up," says Chiles. 

"That gives me a little more intention in my golf swing."

No kidding. 

"I set my chili whacker up here and just hope that I can rip it right through there," he adds. 

Chiles takes it a step further by trying to hit a water bottle he places on the car seat. 

"To hit it through the door isn't that hard but to hit the water bottle is a challenge."

Viewers who watched the video suggested he wasn't using real golf balls. 

Chiles says he was. 

Comments included:

Didn't Ian Poulter do this with a Ferrari?

This is class

Plot twist: the mini van is his so the pressue is off

He's no Ian Poulter

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