Golf courses reopening despite coronavirus battle

Golf courses are reopening across the globe in some of the most highly infected COVID-19 areas.

Golf courses reopening despite coronavirus battle
Golf courses reopening despite coronavirus battle

With golfers in the U.K. twiddling their thumbs awaiting their course to once again open its doors, other courses around the world have started to reopen, despite being located in some of the worst-hit COVID-19 areas.

Whether or not golf is a safe form of exercise during the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a topic of debate, which recently took a positive turn for those asking for courses to reopen, after a leading health professor said he believes the golf course is now a safe environment to be in.

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that golf courses in some areas of the world had begun to once again open to the public, with courses in Denmark reopening with strict measures in place to ensure health and safety was a priority.

Golf courses in Sweden and Estonia are still open, despite the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, whilst clubs in Australia are starting to reopen, but now, even areas that have been critically hit by the coronavirus are reopening its golf courses.

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New York City has seen over 10,000 deaths as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, yet it has now been announced that golf courses in the central area of New York can now reopen.

"Golfers may walk the course and carry their bags," said a county legislature chair in a statement on Sunday. "Golf carts will not be available as there will be no staff to sanitize them. Clubhouses and locker rooms will not be open. Landscapers will be allowed on the course as well as security personnel to ensure golfers are maintaining six feet of social distance."



Last week, Texas announced that its golf courses could reopen and days later, Minnesota made the same announcement, whilst many golf courses in Canada have also reopened.

In South Korea - where the coronavirus reached well before hitting America and Europe - a professional tournament has been given the green light to go ahead in less than four weeks time.

The Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association Championship will tee off on May 14, featuring a total of 144 golfers.

We are yet to know an exact date of when courses in the United Kingdom will reopen, but rumours have circulated that it could be a matter of weeks, although whether that is the correct call remains a topic for debate.

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