Golf fans react to HILARIOUS messages between newly engaged couple

See how social media reacted when a man changed his profile picture to an image of him playing golf, despite recently getting engaged.

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Fri, 7 May 2021
Golf fans react to HILARIOUS messages between newly engaged couple

Getting engaged and planning your wedding should be one of the happiest and exciting times of your life, and many people show this on their social media profiles.

However, it would seem that for some people, their love of golf is just too strong and no matter how special an occasion could be, golf is always the number one priority.

This was certainly the case for one man called Brandon, who changed his profile picture from one of him and his new fiance to a picture of him holding a pose having just hit a driver.



Brandon was so pleased with his balance and finishing position after hitting what he thought was a 300-yard drive, but his soon-to-be wife was less than impressed.

It is fair to say that many golf fans on social media enjoyed this post and left their comments below.

"Abort the mission now on this marriage," one fan said.

"Run mate run, or your golfing days are over," one fan commented.

"Get your ring back and buy a new set and send her a picture," another fan said.

"Engagements, the most meaningless thing in the world," another fan commented.

"That's a red flag bro. You are only engaged, book it. If social media is that important to her then it's a huge red flag," one fan said.

Unfortunately, we don't have further details on Brandon's fiance or when the couple are due to get married, but it looks like Brandon will need to work hard to get back in her good books.