Faldo in dispute with Sponsors

Nick Faldo is in dispute with his sponsors Adams Golf, he claims that they owe him

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Martin Park
Tue, 14 Nov 2000

Faldo in dispute with Sponsors

England's Nick Faldo may soon be looking for a new club sponsor as he is planning on suing Adams Golf because he claims they owe him around £600,000 in incentive money.

Faldo is expecting a "breach of Contract" lawsuit from Adams Golf as he does not play all of their clubs, just the Woods and the wedges. But the former Open and Masters Champion has not yet played with the new Adams irons that they plan to release next year as Faldo is clearly not happy with them right now.

"My agreement says very clearly I am obliged to play Adams club 'when they are to my reasonable satisfaction'", said Faldo.

"Payment due under my contract now amounts to in excess of $900,000 and now, not surprisingly, lawyers are involved."

"I feel I have been very fair with Adams throughout and in fact have continued to represent them on the course over the last months notwithstanding they were withholding monies due to me."

"I hope we will be able to agree a mutually acceptable parting. If not, I suppose the courts will sort it out. We will see."