John Daly favours re-launch trousers

Loudmouth Golf on the comeback trail with the Naughty Card range

Thu, 4 Nov 2010

John Daly favours re-launch trousers

Mavericks Loudmouth Golf are enjoying a great season, spearheaded by the ultra-high profile of having John Daly wear their larger-than-life trousers on Tour.

Don’t try the “Can’t say I noticed” line. You’d have to be blind to miss them…

In part celebration of this purple period, the California-based brand has re-launched the trousers that made them a clubhouse name back in 2001 – Naughty Cards – in response to huge customer demand.

Saucy playing cards adorn a black background, catching the eye and raising smiles… and eyebrows.

What sets Loudmouth Golf apart from the run-of-the-mill lunatic label names is that while the psychedelic designs might appear to some as a little jokey, the clothing establishes its bona fides with a quality of fabric and workmanship that does them credit.

This is not just a group of ageing hippies sitting around having a gas all day pushing their luck by seeing how far they can needle the establishment. These are dedicated golfers, keen businessmen and very able tailors.

A venerable golfing icon who refuses to be quoted directly once famously observed that you don’t wear stuff like this, you survive it.

Loudmouth MD Larry Jackson is sanguine about how his label is seen by golfers and their hierarchy of apparel label ‘cred’.

“Golfers are a very varied bunch that views golf clothing as either completely incidental or as vital components in performance equipment like a driver or a wedge… and all levels in between the two,” he explains.

“But Loudmouth has really carved its own niche among the golfing community. We see our customers as people of confidence, wit, intelligence and competitiveness.

“It’s not to everybody’s taste but that’s why market economies flourish on choice and variety.”

The business last year launched a range of complementary accessories ranging from belts and gloves to matching jackets. Visit their website if you have a sense of humour.