More ''Brucie'' on the golf course!

Just what we need, more of Bruce Forsyth on the Golf course as he is sensationally sacked from ITV

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Martin Park
Mon, 30 Oct 2000
More ''Brucie'' on the golf course!

Veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth is quitting showbusiness and heading for a retirement on the golf course after his gameshow Play Your Cards Right was axed.

The former Generation Game presenter blasted ITV for ending his long-running show and he launched a bitter attack on ITV controller David Liddiment, accusing him of trying to "bury" his TV career.

"He has lied to me, stripped me of my dignity and humiliated me. He has embarrassed me and shown me no respect whatsoever. I will never work for ITV again while that man is there." Said Forsyth.

The king of the catch-phrase is expected to join his chums Jimmy Tarbuck, Kenny Lynch and Sean Connery on the golf course, continuing his extensive charity work across the UK in aid of the Variety Club of Great Britain where they have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes.

You can hear him now on the course..."Good game Jimmy...Good game!"