Ram goes green - and square!

Uxbridge company joins the chase for the hearts (and wallets) of golfers determined to try square drivers

Ram goes green - and square!
Rams square driver
Ram QUB3 driver

Not to be out-done by the new craze for square, Ram Golf in Uxbridge, is introducing the distinctive-looking QUB3 driver, claiming both accuracy and forgiveness at less than half the price of other trail-blazers from Callaway and Nike.

Similar in price to the Integra iDrive (£129 plus £10 p&p) and Turbo Power XQ MUTO 460Ti (£79), the QUB3 - with green sole and green Aldila graphite shaft, also has a recommended price of £129.

Using its Rectangular Construction Principle (RCP) – the QUB3 claims to re-position all the effective weight in the head into the four corners to increase stability at impact and reduce twisting for more accurate tee shots.

The makers says the club is Ram's most forgiving driver and is designed 'to reduce scorecard damage from the slightest miss-hits.' A more penetrative ball flight is also expected from the club.

The Ram QUB3 will be available in early May, in right-hand only in 9.5, 10.5 degree and 12-degree loft options (stiff or regular Aldila NV shaft) and a 12-degree right-hand version for women.

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