Tiger signs for Gillette

Woods talks about 'close shaves' as Federer and Henry reveal what golf means to them.

Tiger signs for Gillette
Tiger signs for Gillette
Tiger with Gillette heroes Federer (left) and Henry

World No.1 golfer Tiger Woods and fellow global heroes, tennis player Roger Federer and footballer Thierry Henry have been signed as the new faces of Gillette razors.

The trio appeared together for a photo-call in Dubai after Woods finished tied third at the Emirates course in the Dubai Classic.

Woods revealed that he can't grow a beard though he had experimented with a goatee.

"I can't grow one," said Woods (one of the trio to replace David Beckham in 2007 in a series of TV and media ads). "My friends razz me about it.

"I started shaving a little late. My stubble didn't quite grow in," said Woods, his face windburnt from a sandstorm earlier in the day.

Despite the new endorsement deal, Woods doesn't plan to start his day by shaving.

"There's no way I'm going to get up early in the morning and shave. I've got to get up and go," said Tiger. "I always shave at night."

Federer revealed that he'd started playing golf ion US and Swiss courses following his new friendship with Woods.

"I don't play that much but I hope to get Tiger to teach me," Federer said.

Henry, meanwhile, while he admired Tiger had little patience watching or playing golf.

"I would stay up really late to see Tiger play. But sometimes - I have to be honest - I did fall asleep." Neither could he imagine himself playing golf. He said it was so slow, his mind would start to drift.

"I would be thinking about my house and wondering if everyone is OK, or thinking it's too cold," the Arsenal striker said.

*Last week, bankers HSBC withdrew in multi-million dollar backing for the World matchplay at Wentworth, claiming it wished to switch its focus to the Champions event in China. However, it's widely held that Woods' failing to confirm he would take part had a strong bearing on the decision.

Tell us about your close shaves on the forum. Any life-threatening moments on or off the golf course? And tell us whether you're a wet or electric shaver? Gel or foam? You never know, Gillette may like to invest a few quid in the Golfmagic forum, too. We'll ask them.

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