Golfer EAGLES the last whilst all-square and LOSES

The Maine State Golf Association Junior Championship ended in one of the craziest ways in golf history.

Golfer EAGLES the last whilst all-square and LOSES
Golfer EAGLES the last whilst all-square and LOSES

The Maine State Golf Association Junior Championship was set up for a dramatic finish when the two leading players teed off on the final hole, but no one expected it to end the way it did and it's highly unlikely a tournament will ever repeat this incredible story.

It might be major week on the PGA Tour with the PGA Championship taking place at TPC Harding Park, but even the world's best players haven't been involved in a story quite like this one.

Armand Ouellette and Caleb Manuel were tied for the lead as they hit their tee shots at the par-5 18th at Gorham Country Club in Maine and with both players finding the fairway, they were set up to reach the green in two.

Ouellette stepped up first and hit a beautiful shot onto the green and left a very makeable eagle putt and the youngster must have thought he had a great chance of winning from there.

The unimaginable then happened. According to the Portland Press Herald, Manuel then hit a 6-iron from 193 yards that "came out high and true with an intended right-to-left draw, bounced once to get on the green and then rolled like a putt for 10 feet straight into the hole."

The incredible albatross from Manuel put him at 9-under par for the tournament, beating Oullette - who rolled in his putt for eagle - by one shot, as he finished 8-under par.

“What Caleb did was incredible,” Ouellette said. “That was the greatest shot I’ve seen, especially under those circumstances.”

Manuel, 18, added: “That was probably the biggest rush I’ve had playing golf and probably the biggest rush I’ll ever have until I maybe do something bigger in future years.

“An albatross to win by one? That’s something you don’t see every day.”

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