Interview: Victor Dubuisson

Ryder Cup star speaks exclusively to at the London Golf Club

Interview: Victor Dubuisson

VICTOR DUBUISSON caught up with French Golf magazine at the Volvo World Matchplay Championship at the London Golf Club recently.

A month after helping Europe win the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Dubuisson sat down to give his thoughts on the event in retrospect, including his guide to the atmosphere within the European team and intensity inside the team room.

What was your experience of the event? Is it as big as everybody says?

It is an absolutely extraordinary event, it lives up to all the hype. The atmosphere is exceptional. Scotland, in addition, was very special. It’s the true home of golf, the gallery was very vocal… And the golf course itself was great too. In short, it is indeed a truly special event. It was a blast!

For one week, your deadly opponents become team mates and partners. Does a sport as individual as golf lend itself easily to team sport? Did it feel natural for you?

Yes it was quite natural. All my fellow team members are exceptional golfers, plus they were all super-nice. I got to know them all very well, and we were really close. This is the only week where players want to help and support each other on the course. It fosters extraordinary solidarity and close friendships. That, too, is truly unique.

Why did the Captain put you with McDowell? Was there something complementary in how you both play the game? Were you consulted, and how & when did you learn that he was to be your partner?

Paul McGinley wanted to put experienced players together with the rookies. We knew we’d play together two or three months beforehand. During this time, we sometimes arranged to play

together in practice, and we also saw each other from time to time outside tournaments because we knew we would play the foursomes together. In foursomes especially, the bond between the two players is often the key to success: the captain had anticipated this, and it worked really well.

Graeme McDowell – what is the nature of your relationship? Master & Disciple? Friends?

I can say that he is now a friend. This is someone with whom I spend time off the course, he’s a a very nice person, and gave me good advice during the Ryder Cup. It was great to play with him, especially since I also played well. We knew that foursomes is the more difficult discipline, and one which could swing the event for us. That’s why McGinley wanted us to wait until the afternoon. This was all prepared, and it worked out great.

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