WATCH: Golfer gets sent flying by GUST OF WIND on driving range

When you go to the driving range, you don't expect to be swept away and pelted in the face by a mat that has been caught in the wind...

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Sun, 17 Apr 2022
WATCH: Golfer gets sent flying by GUST OF WIND on driving range

A golfer was blown away by a huge gust of wind at a driving range in some incredible footage that emerged on social media.

When you are at the driving range, you can usually expect to be protected from the elements by the cover and the walls of the range.

However, the practice facility in the video below has no protection from the wind and the rain and on this occasion, the wind caused absolute havoc with the golfers.

While one man was trying to replace one of the mats on the floor, another man was trying to adjust a mat on the range in the background.

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One large gust of wind arrived and the mat lifted from the floor and into the man. He went flying and the mat drifted into the car park and over a fence.

It wasn't just one mat that got caught in the wind, many more sailed away along with a number of other objects. The conditions look beyond unplayable.

As you can tell by the audio of the footage, the wind was so loud and you can't hear anything but the sound of the gale-force breeze.

It was very ambitious for these players to even attempt to play golf in these horrific conditions, but that particular golfer will wish he had stayed at home.

Golf is one of many sports where the weather can cause carnage and on this occasion, the wind caused a genuine safety hazard.



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