WATCH: Golfer hits huge drive but faces painful consequences...

This golfer wanted to hit a huge drive down the middle of the fairway, but something happened to his driver that no one could ever have imagined...

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Tue, 10 May 2022
WATCH: Golfer hits huge drive but faces painful consequences...

Every golfer in the world wants to be able to hit a huge drive on every tee box and split the middle of the fairway.

There is hardly a better feeling than swinging back with your big stick and connecting with the middle of the clubface, looking up to see your ball soaring in a dead straight line.

Sometimes, you don't need to swing back as far as possible or hit the ball as hard as you can. Tempo and rhythm are key and these are important aspects of hitting long and straight drives.

This golfer in the footage below is doing exactly that, trying to find the centre of the fairway with a perfect drive. But things go very wrong, very quickly.

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The player takes a couple of Jason Dufner-style waggles with his driver and he then strikes his ball. It looked to be travelling in the right direction.

However, as he hits the ball, his club wraps back around his body and connects with his back. The driver then snapped in half and landed on the floor.

The sound of the snap is almost sickening and is in huge contrast to the sound of the club on the ball. It looked like a painful collision but no serious injuries looked to be caused.

In this sort of situation, you either have to laugh or cry, but even the most level-headed golfers would struggle to crack a smile in this situation.

Drivers are some of the most expensive items on the market too, so it won't have been a cheap replacement.



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