WATCH: Men perfectly commit to the illusion they are at work & not playing golf

This player received a phone call from home but luckily his mates were prepared to commit to the illusion he was at work, not playing golf. 

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Wed, 4 May 2022
WATCH: Men perfectly commit to the illusion they are at work & not playing golf

How often do you find yourself daydreaming wishing you were on the golf course? We've all been there. 

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Especially when the weather is nice, we all just want to be out on the fairways enjoying this great game in the sun. Not behind a screen. 

Thankfully we are now approaching the summer months which means we can look forward to a twilight tee time. 

There is absolutely no doubt about it, twilight golf when the course is near empty is glorious. 

However, there are still some that will tell lies in order to clock off from work early to go and play golf. 

Some even go as far as lying to their partners in order just to play 18 holes. If that is you, then shame on you! 

Just last week I overheard a phone call from a member of my local club telling porkies to his better half. 

"Hello, honey! Yes, I won't be long but my meeting has gone on for longer than expected!" 

For the purposes of his marriage he shall remain nameless in this article. 

This recent video on Instagram has been doing the rounds and in my opinion is pretty amusing. 

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Full marks for creativity and effort, there. 

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