Watch: When back garden speed training goes HORRIBLY wrong!

This is going to be an awkward visit to the neighbour's house...

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Wed, 2 Feb 2022
Watch: When back garden speed training goes HORRIBLY wrong!

Colin Montgomerie will be the first to tell you back in his heydey it was all about finesse and not speed. 

Now it's all muscles and leathering it. Bryson DeChambeau has been at the forefront of that and even Phil Mickelson loves nuking drives. 

Rory McIlroy went on a quest for more distance but last year he admitted he ditched that and now wants to emulate Tiger Woods. 

But for the amateur golfer speed is very important. Speed training is one of those things we can all do fairly easily: and cheaply. 

If you weren't aware, you can always do speed training with an alignment stick. One of those you can pick up cheaply from your pro shop. 

Simply swinging those alignment sticks for five minutes every day will increase your speed. Of course you can hit the gym, too. 

Squats, box jumps. Maybe doing some planks? That will increase your core strength and transfer over to your golf swing. 

For those of you that have a bit more wonga in the bank you can pick up some speed training sticks. They'll set you back a bit. 

But they do make the difference, provided you are able to stick to the training. 

This video cracked us up here at GolfMagic. This is where speed training goes wrong. 

The only issue here was that this player wasn't using a speed training stick but in fact his driver. Uh oh. 

Watch the video below 

Long Drivers 

Just look at his face. The desolation. The despair. 

That's going to be an awkward visit to the neighbour's to go and ask for his driver back. 

Still, if his swing speed increased - then surely it was worth it?

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