Brian Harman had fan kicked out of The Open: "You are out of here!"

Brian Harman has revealed more details about how he was heckled during the 151st Open en route to lifting the Claret Jug at Royal Liverpool.

Brian Harman had fan kicked out of The Open: "You are out of here!"
Brian Harman had fan kicked out of The Open: "You are out of here!"

There is absolutely no denying a large majority of golf fans at Royal Liverpool didn't want Brian Harman to claim the 151st Open. 

The American was widely heckled after taking the 36-hole lead as Tommy Fleetwood and Rory McIlroy were roared on. 

We knew it was bad and Harman later told us so, revealing there was one comment in particular that lit a fire in his belly. 

But we didn't know it was this bad.

Harman has now revealed he actually asked for a spectator to be ejected such was the torrent of abuse he was receiving. 

The 36-year-old left hander told Golf's Subpar over a four-hole stretch there was one person in particular that took things too far. 

He told the podcast:

"It turned on Saturday — it turned hard. It caught me off guard a little bit, but it didn't affect my play, which I was really proud of. It felt like a real hostile away game in college football.
"On the [football] field, you are a long way from it. When you walk three feet from someone [on the golf course] and they say something nasty, it's intimate. It's hard not to stop and turn around and get back after them.
"The guy followed me from like No. 6 to No. 10 Sunday, and literally like, every time over the ball he was like, 'You are going to choke!’ 
"Like, right as I was about to pull it back. And I'm standing over a three-footer for par on 10, and he starts getting after me again. It was my turn to play a shot, you can't be quiet, you are out of here."

Brian Harman had fan kicked out of The Open:

He added:

"For me, you can say anything. You can't hurt my feelings. I've heard it all. But you have to respect my turn. This is my opportunity to hit a golf shot, I'm going to have my turn."

Harman overcame an early wobble in the final round and ultimately cruised to a six-shot victory. 

He wasn't the only player to be heckled during the tournament. Rickie Fowler, too, was also on the receiving end of some abuse.

Though Fowler was chastised about not investing in Leeds United with fellow PGA Tour pros Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas

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