Can PGA Tour boss Monahan survive LIV deal? Pro: "They'll throw him a parade!"

A former PGA Tour executive has insisted embattled Jay Monahan has won after agreeing a deal with LIV Golf's Saudi backers.  

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Sat, 10 Jun 2023
Can PGA Tour boss Monahan survive LIV deal? Pro: "They'll throw him a parade!"

Jay Monahan was accused of selling PGA Tour's soul when he confirmed the circuit had agreed a deal LIV Golf's Saudi backers.

There is likely not a word in the dictionary that could do justice to what transpired on 6 June and the golf world is still digesting it. 

What will happen next? Is LIV Golf dead? Who will dry Rory's tears? Can PGA Tour players wear shorts now?! There are just so many questions

In the immediate aftermath of the bombshell news Monahan, who has spent the last two years making jibes against the Saudis, faced the PGA Tour membership in what was described as a tense meeting. 

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He was heckled by some, per reports, and even told to resign. Rory McIlroy was told to F off, but that was for something different

As for Monahan, he later faced the media and - in this writer's opinion - struggled to own his hypocrisy after the 9/11 Families condemned his U-turn. 

"He used our stories, our pain and our suffering to malign LIV Golf a year ago," said Terry Strada, the National Chair of 9/11 Families United, adding:

"Now he does this complete 180 and has decided that he’s going to give them this bigger platform for their sportswashing entity, which he has said over the last year many times that that’s exactly what LIV Golf is." 

Despite the heat, some are suggesting this play by Monahan will be hailed in years to come. 

A former PGA Tour executive told Golfweek's Adam Schupak:

"Can he survive it? He's already come out on top. This is game, set, match. Now we're just dissecting the game: How was the Tour down two sets to one and all of a sudden they went 6-0, 6-0, we win. And, oh, by the way, the guy we just beat is going to be our new doubles partner.
"Jay took the arrows, took the hit, he got lambasted and was burned in effigy, but is he going to lose his job? No."

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And another former PGA Tour pro told the publication:

"Survive? They are going to give him a raise and throw him a parade." 

Elsewhere, a report by SI has revealed the parameters of what this agreement involves. 

Monahan reportedly will have the power to disband LIV if he wants to. 

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