Charles Barkley has a NEW SWING and golf fans are loving it

NBA legend Charles Barkley once had one of the most bizarre golf swings around, but he's clearly been working on his game.

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Thu, 6 May 2021
Charles Barkley has a NEW SWING and golf fans are loving it

Charles Barkley might not be a regular on the golf scene, but when the NBA legend makes an appearance he certainly knows how to entertain.

You may remember Barkley appearing on the commentary team for The Match, before going on to play in the charity event himself and continuing his hilarious antics on the golf course.

Barkley is known for having one of the most bizarre golf swings that you'll ever see, where he pauses on the way down, dips his body and almost scoops the ball away.

Now this technique isn't like a Matthew Wolff or a Bryson DeChambeau where we praise them for striking the ball pure in an alternative way, as if we're being honest, Barkley's swing was not effective and often led to the ball rolling along the ground into trouble.

It seems that Barkley has been spending some time working on his golf game and he took everyone by surprise when he stepped up on the first tee during the Regions Tradition Pro-Am on the Champions Tour.

Barkley stepped onto the tee and even the announcer gave spectators a warning when he said "attention right side of the fairway" which received a chuckle from the onlooking fans.

The former NBA MVP approached his ball and instead of the usual whacky swing we have become accustomed to, Barkley produced a much-improved technique before striping his ball down the middle of the fairway, much to the delight of Bo Jackson.


The tweet from the Champions Tour received multiple replies from golf fans and the popular golf account Skratch couldn't help but remind everyone of Barkley's previous swing, which once had Tiger Woods laughing and imitating him.

The PGA Champions Tour also posted some clips on Instagram, first showing Barkley's terrific tee shot, but also reminding viewers why he is so well-loved by sports fans, thanks to his hilarious personality.

"Sir Charles, always the entertainer!" said on golf fan.

"Swing looks great Charles. Congratulations," said another.

"I could watch Barkley clips ALL DAY."

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