Former Golf Channel reporter on LIV critic Brandel Chamblee: "He's a bully!"

Former Golf Channel reporter Lisa Cornwell says Brandel Chamblee is 'a bully, plain and simple'. 

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Tue, 23 May 2023
Former Golf Channel reporter on LIV critic Brandel Chamblee: "He's a bully!"

Former Golf Channel reporter Lisa Cornwell says LIV Golf critic Brandel Chamblee 'showed his true colours' in his awkward standoff with Brad Faxon following the conclusion on the PGA Championship. 

The clip of Chamblee and Faxon spread like wildfire no sooner had Brooks Koepka hoisted the Wanamaker above his head. 

Chamblee and Faxon were discussing the prospect of LIV Golf players such as Koepka and Dustin Johnson competing at the Ryder Cup. 

U.S. Ryder Cup skipper Zach Johnson did his very best to tap dance around the topic at Oak Hill. 

As for Chamblee, it's clear where he stands, given that he says those competing on the breakaway tour are taking money from 'the sewer' to do the bidding of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

Faxon, though, stated that the players wouldn't be playing for money at the Ryder Cup, but their country. 

It led to an awkward 'standoff'. 

Remind yourself of the moment here:

One person who watched the clip was Cornwell.

She previously alleged mistreatment during her time with Golf Channel. 

In a Golfweek report in January 2021, she accused a senior executive of 'making fun' of an anxiety-stricken analyst and accused the management hierarchy of actively trying to keep her off broadcasts. 

She also revealed that Chamblee didn't take too kindly to a mistake that she made on air in August 2018.

Of Chamblee, Cornwell said:

"He's a bully, plain and simple. I mean, those of us that have worked closely with him and dealt with his tirades understand it. I mean, I watched it to [the Faxon clip] and it's interesting, in the beginning, Brandel and I shared a lot of views on LIV.
"You know, I'm still very much anti-LIV [but] Brad Faxon was right though. You could not argue with the reasoning that Brad gave in terms of Brooks Koepka. This is not a PGA Tour event in terms of the Ryder Cup, it is a PGA of America event. I certainly think that he has earned that spot [but] that will be the choice of the captain. How could you go against that?
"But it was really the reaction of Brad and that whole bullying mentality, like, 'I'm right, you're wrong and how dare you take this stance against me'. 
"Brad actually was very cordial in the end and didn't take him on." 

Watch here: 

Cornwell added that she would not have approached that moment as diplomatically as Faxon, adding that there are 'a lot of stories out there about Brandel' that people don't know about. 

She accused Chamblee of 'crossing the line' by 'actively trying to get her fired'. 

Cornwell has written a chapter about Chamblee in her new book. 

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