Ian Poulter discusses his GROUNDBREAKING new putting training aid

The Visio Mi Putting Template was created by putting coach Phil Kenyon and Ian Poulter has been using it to perfect his putting.

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Tue, 11 May 2021
Ian Poulter discusses his GROUNDBREAKING new putting training aid

Ian Poulter has shown golf fans a new way of practising putting with the Visio Mi Putting Template, which was created by putting coach Phil Kenyon.

Poulter posted a video on his Instagram page of how to use the training aid, which comes in five different sizes that vary in the angle of the putting line.

The Englishman expressed how useful the aid has been for his putting, while he has also been working with Kenyon in general, who he described as "one of the best putting coaches on tour."



Golf fans commented and left their thoughts on Poulter's post:

"One of the best putting training aids on the planet," one fan said.

"I really wish these were more readily available in the US," one fan commented.

"I would love to see a breakdown on how to choose the correct template," another fan said.

"Need this, thanks for the post!" another fan commented.

"Wonderful tool. GAP baby.. grip/alignment/posture. Like Bernard said.. 95% of bad golf shot occur before hitting ball... so important to set up same," one fan said.

Visio Putting have designed and created a range of putting aids, using technology that helps golfers to improve their game. Kenyon, who works with Poulter, has also worked with Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood in the putting department. 

The Visio Mi Template is clearly working for Poulter, who is currently ranked eighth in overall putting averages on the PGA Tour and 13th in strokes gained in putting.