Ian Poulter's EPIC fail whilst using Paul Casey's persimmon driver

Paul Casey produced some incredible numbers with a persimmon driver, but the same can't be said for Ian Poulter...

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Thu, 11 Mar 2021
Ian Poulter's EPIC fail whilst using Paul Casey's persimmon driver

Ian Poulter attempted to hit a persimmon driver that fellow Englishman Paul Casey had been blasting on the driving range at TPC Sawgrass, but it's safe to say Poulter won't be considering to use one any time soon.

Persimmon drivers are a thing of the past, which is no doubt a positive for the players of today, as they're extremely difficult to hit.

Modern drivers are much bigger, lighter, and far more forgiving, which allows the professional golfers of today to be able to miss-hit a drive and still produce some very good numbers.

For those who played on the professional tours back when persimmon drivers were around, hitting the ball out of the middle of the club face was absolutely crucial and when I saw middle, I'm talking dead centre.

As the world's best prepare for The Players Championship that starts today at TPC Sawgrass, tour veteran Casey decided to have a bit of fun on the driving range by pulling out a persimmon driver and the numbers he produced on the launch monitor took everyone by surprise.

Casey managed to carry the persimmon driver 293.5 yards for a total distance of 325.1 yards, whilst producing a ball speed of 174.1 miles per hour and a spin rate of 1985.

Now as impressive as that might be, there is absolutely no chance that Casey would ever dream of putting a persimmon driver in his bag and for Poulter, well he couldn't even hit it on the range.


"I nearly missed that," said Poulter as he turned in horror after his first attempt. "I'd still be selling Mars bars if we had to play with these."

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