Jordan Spieth obliges cheeky autograph hunter that left PGA Tour security fuming

Jordan Spieth was one PGA Tour pro who reportedly found this amusing. 

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Wed, 31 May 2023
Jordan Spieth obliges cheeky autograph hunter that left PGA Tour security fuming

Jordan Spieth appears to be one of several PGA Tour pros who enjoyed the irony of this cheeky autograph hunter. 

Ahead of this week's Memorial at Jack's place, one fan spotted a sign informing spectators that particular designated area was not for pestering players. 

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This person was Reddit user db_banner, who revealed they had been thinking of nabbing the sign all morning. Eventually, they were given one. 

According to db_banner, a security guard took notice and 'made a big deal about it'. 

So much so, said security guard reportedly got people 'higher up' to figure out how they got it after phoning it in! 

They wrote:

"I had been eyeing it up all morning thinking it would be cool to get autographs on. Then about an hour later I saw an employee taking them down so I asked if I could have one. He hesitated but then handed me one. Once I started having pros sign it, a security guard took notice and made a big deal out of it. He was radioing to higher up people trying to figure out how I got it. At one point he grabbed it to look at it, so I gripped harder so he couldn't take it. And then I got the hell outta there. All of the pros loved it. Alex Smalley said this was his favorite thing he has signed."

See here:

Credit: db_banner/Reddit

Apparently, the other players who obliged with their John Hancock were the aforementioned Spieth, Xander Schauffele, Matt Fitzpatrick, Aaron Rai, Ben An and PGA Tour rookie Akshay Bhatia. 

It doesn't come as a surprise that Spieth appears to have obliged, given the number of hilarious exchanges he's had with fans over the years. 

Earlier in the year, he overheard two chatty spectators in Hawaii gambling over whether he would make a putt.

Spieth remained entirely polite throughout the exchange

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