OUTSTANDING chirp after Patrick Cantlay takes almost three minutes for one shot!

Was this too slow from Patrick Cantlay?!

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Tue, 18 Apr 2023
OUTSTANDING chirp after Patrick Cantlay takes almost three minutes for one shot!

Patrick Cantlay may have defended and even mocked himself over accusations he is playing too slowly, but this video is pretty incriminating. 

It was taken from the RBC Heritage, the most recent 'designated' event on the PGA Tour schedule where the elite play for big, big bucks. 

For context, Cantlay is playing No. 11 at Harbour Town Golf Links and it was the final round. 

The American was playing alongside Jordan Spieth and eventual champion Matthew Fitzpatrick, who were reportedly 'upset' with Cantlay. 

Cantlay sent his tee shot just a tad right on the 446-yard par-4 and had to navigate a tricky shot from the pine straw. 

The pin was tucked at the back left of the green and Cantlay also had some tree trouble. 

Footage has emerged from the scene of the crime (?) as Cantlay toiled over this shot for several minutes. 

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In the video, there is even the added bonus of a timer on display to demonstrate just how long Cantlay took over this. 

Patty Ice had already taken his address position, looked up, taken a couple of waggles of the club as the timer passed two minutes. 

In the end, Cantlay took two minutes and 50 seconds to play the shot. 

When he finally did strike his golf ball, a fan yelled: "Slow and steady wins the race!"

Was it really necessary to take this long? Judge for yourself below. 

Watch here:

This was worth it in the end for Cantlay, though, as he escaped the hole with a par.

Cantlay eventually finished on 16-under at Hilton Head, to finish in solo third. 

Fitzpatrick defeated Spieth on the third playoff hole with one of the best 9-irons he has ever struck and duly embraced his girlfriend Katherine Gaal

As for Cantlay, he spent the earlier part of the week defending himself from criticism he had played too slowly in the final round of the 87th Masters. 

Brooks Koepka said the pace of Cantlay's group was 'brutally slow'. 

But Cantlay hit back by saying it was slow for everyone at Augusta, adding: 

"I that's just the nature of playing professional golf, where every shot matters so much."

What do you think? Is Cantlay playing too slowly? Don't hesitate to Tweet us your thoughts. 

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