Patrick Cantlay loses two MAJOR sponsors as he reveals LIV Golf theory

PGA Tour pro Patrick Cantlay has confirmed he is no longer representing Hugo Boss as he once again shut down LIV Golf rumours. 

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Wed, 4 Jan 2023
Patrick Cantlay loses two MAJOR sponsors as he reveals LIV Golf theory

Patrick Cantlay has confirmed he has parted ways with Titleist and Hugo Boss as he once again shut down LIV Golf rumours. 

Speaking ahead of the first "elevated" event of the PGA Tour at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, the 30-year-old confirmed the loss of two major sponsors. 

Cantlay turned up in Kapalua without any Titleist logos visible and was reportedly using an all-black tour bag. 

Titleist declined to comment when approached by GolfMagic. 

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"Yeah, no more Hugo Boss," said Cantlay to the media when asked about it as he confirmed he is "in the market". 

It is understood Cantlay will still be using the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball. Journalists in Hawaii have reported he has been testing different driver heads. 

Cantlay was the source of constant LIV Golf rumours last year. He and Xander Schauffele were rumoured to both be joining the breakaway tour but have so far remained PGA Tour members. 

Cantlay has a theory: 

"Yeah, I think it's because I haven't been too vocal one way or the other.
"So I think that's probably where it is. Guys, for the most part, seem like they're pretty polarized on this issue, and I view it as it's been a competition for top talent, like any other business.
"But I have no plans to do that as of now, which has been my stance for, you know, basically since the whole time."

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Does he find the LIV Golf rumours amusing? 

Cantlay added: 

"Yeah, I don't see a lot of it or hear a lot of it. When I come up here [face the media], I'll get questions about it, but for the most part that's it.
"I mean, I don't see or hear a lot of it. So it's not surprising, I guess, because I've been asked the questions a few times, but it does give me a little chuckle because my stance has been pretty much the same for awhile now.
"I think that it's been interesting how much it's changed golf, as in, like, everyone's trying to innovate and make golf better all of a sudden.
"I think that will be a massive benefit for the viewer because I think now more than ever competition is making people evolve and making people grow and think outside the box.
"So I think it's been really good and will be good for professional golf in the long run. But it's been such a polarizing issue that it's made people, you know, feel emotional about something that has been the same for such a long time." 

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Cantlay said he think it is "interesting" how much LIV Golf has changed the landscape of the game. 

He continued:

"I would hope that ultimately it makes professional golf better, as in makes the product better, makes it better for viewers, makes people want to play golf more.
"So in general, I think any amount of more excitement or any amount of more people that are playing golf, more dollars that are into golf, I think that's good for golf. I hope that looking back on this time you can look at golf as having been better for having it than not."

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