PGA Tour launch new website and app: "Immersive. Enhanced. Personalised."

The new PGA Tour website will launch later this year, while the rollout of the new app will begin today which is "tailored for and by the fan." 

PGA Tour launch new website and app: "Immersive. Enhanced. Personalised."
PGA Tour launch new website and app: "Immersive. Enhanced. Personalised."

After numerous calls from golf fans and players, the PGA Tour has launched a new app and website using six keywords: Immersive. Enhanced. Personalised. Connected. Seamless. Purposeful.

The new improvements to the app were rolled out earlier today and the new website will come later this year. A formal introduction of both products will be made at the 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions.

The Tour report that they have worked on the new look for over a year and it aims to bring the fans at home closer to the tournaments, players and courses that feature week-in, week-out.

The leaderboard will have real-time shots, tee times, odds and FedEx Cup standings. These new enhancements suit not just passionate golf fans, but gamblers who enjoy betting on the Tour.

"We didn't realize how many players come into our app and get their stats from their round," Eric Hanson, PGA Tour VP of Digital Product Development, said, as reported by Golf Digest.

"One of the things they wanted to be able to do was parse it by round. They'll be able to do that and see how they're playing overall with all of these filters we built inside the app to allow both fans and players to go through all these different stats and really dive deep into them."

The new app will allow fans to deep-dive into players and their statistics. The app should also offer access to coverage times, highlights, interviews and further content in this field.

The Tour stated that they prioritised "visual stories, strong imagery and video, and compelling stats." The app should allow you to relive big moments from the likes of Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas straight after they happen.

In the months following today's initial launch, the Tour will add more features such as connecting your account for event tickets, streaming and gaming. You will be able to follow an individual player or a group, seeing data behind each of their shots.

The Tour worked with Adobe, AWS, CDW and Qualtrics. It also acquired the services of Work & Co, Captech, Ensemble and Shockoe to produce a top-class product while still listening to the feedback of golf fans and players.

"We're pretty excited to get to the point where after the New Year, we'll be auto-generating player summaries and video for players that you've favourited," Scott Gutterman, PGA Tour SVP Digital Operations, said.

"So if you've favourited Tony Finau, you'd be getting his outstanding first round in Houston - you'd get a 'story' version of his round automatically.

"We'll be able to do that for every player. For us, it's a combination of what we've seen going on in media, what we've seen going on in sports, and what are the other technologies that we know are emerging that we can leverage to help us create content for every one of our players."



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