PGA Tour pro reveals issue with LIV Golf's Pat Perez: "Have a grand old time!"

PGA Tour pro Joel Dahmen has outlined his issues with LIV Golf League player Pat Perez as he revealed he is nervous about the Netflix golf documentary.

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Thu, 12 Jan 2023
PGA Tour pro reveals issue with LIV Golf's Pat Perez: "Have a grand old time!"

PGA Tour pro Joel Dahmen has revealed he is "in the dark" and "nervous" about the upcoming Netflix documentary as he outlined his problem with Pat Perez who left the established circuit to join the LIV Golf League. 

Speaking to SI's Gabrielle Herzig, Dahmen said he "let it all out there" as the cameras were rolling behind-the-scenes in 2022. 

Dahmen revealed he may have said some things he perhaps shouldn't have. 

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It goes without saying that 2022 was an incredibly divisive year in the game.

Netflix were behind-the-scenes to capture some of the most dramatic moments as several high-profile PGA Tour players left for LIV Golf

Now we have been given an insight into what is in store.

Ian Poulter - who was outraged at his birthday snub - was spotted having a tantrum inside a locker room. 

Rory McIlroy also made a surprise appearance.

The aforementioned Perez was one player who decided to leave the PGA Tour having previously stated he wouldn't be "getting on the Saudi train". 

He was one of several players who changed their mind about LIV.  

Touching on this subject, Dahmen said he enjoyed hitting balls next to Perez on the range at tournaments. 

Dahmen told SI:

"Yeah, we were decent friends. I mean, we weren't going out to dinner all the time, but Pat lives in Scottsdale, so I'd see him every now and then playing golf.
"And on the road—he was one of my favorites to hit balls next to on the range because you know he's always kind of winging it and having a good time. He's always been a favorite of everyone on tour.
"Harold [Varner III] and I—we played together on the Korn Ferry tour, and he was a year ahead in getting his Tour card, but we played golf together for six or seven years. He' very friendly. I've done outings with him."

He continued: 

"I don't blame them one bit for going. I just didn't like the fact that they were coming back to complain about the Tour, that was my problem. But, you know, when Harold wrote his LIV announcement he said, 'Hey, I'm leaving, because I can have generational wealth when I grew up poor.' I'm like, good for you, man. That's awesome.
"Pat Perez spent 20 plus years on Tour.
"He made a lot of money. He's done very well for himself. But now he's 46, on the back of his career and to make all of this money? Good for him. Have a grand old time.
"But yeah, I don't think I ever saw this coming. but here we are. I think the PGA Tour is in a pretty good spot. And I'm happy with where I'm at."

Speaking about the Netflix documentary, Dahmen added: 

"I'm in the dark as much as you are. I have not seen any of it. I have heard that there's plenty of myself and my caddie, Geno Bonnalie, and my wife on there. I'm a little nervous as it's getting close to coming out around the L.A. Open. My wife and I, we kind of just let it all out there.
"We were who we were, we didn't really protect ourselves."

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Dahmen added: 

"We had them to our house multiple times, we had them on the road. If they put a mic and a camera in your face and for long enough, you're probably going to say something you shouldn't say.
"It's easy for them to be taken out of context when you're in for a 45-minute or an hour show, so I'm a little nervous about the overall thing, but I will say that I felt like I was pretty true to myself and I would say that my wife and Geno and I were just kind of who we are. And if you don't like us, I'm sorry."

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