PGA Tour put strict Health and Safety plan in place

The PGA Tour has put a health and safety plan in place for its return at the Charles Schwab Challenge.

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Wed, 13 May 2020
PGA Tour put strict Health and Safety plan in place

With the PGA Tour set to return in June at the Charles Schwab Challenge, a strict Health and Safety plan has been outlined to explain to the players how tournaments will be managed.

The plan was obtained by who recently published an article explaining the latest guidelines and measurements the PGA Tour will be taking in order to combat any further spread of the coronavirus and stop it infecting anyone whislt playing in tournaments.

GolfChannel revealed that the plan has a layered testing approach that starts with a questionnaire for players, caddies and other officials, plus temperature testing and a RT PCR nasal swab/saliva test.

Before departing for an event, players and caddiel will receive a pre-travel screening test and will also be tested upon their arrival at a host hotel in the city and they will then have their temperature taken every day.

The results of the nasal swabs will take 24-48 hours and during this time, players will still be allowed to practice but won't be allowed to use other facilities until they are given the all-clear.



“In implementing our testing plan, we will not do so in a manner that takes away from testing and medical resources in the communities in which we play or for affected groups in those communities,” the plan read.

Players who test positive for COVID-19 will be unable to compete and adhering to government guidelines, they will be isolated for at least 10 days.

If a player makes the cut after the first two days and then tests positive for the virus, they will be pulled out of the tournament and receive last place earnings.

Players and caddies will have further protection as the PGA Tour will tighten up designated player/caddie areas by only allowing entry to those who have been cleared through testing, whilst family members will not be allowed at tournament sites.

The PGA Tour will also provide a chartered flight to take players and caddies from one tournament to the next, but they must submit to viral testing 24 hours before the flight departs.

During tournaments players will "fulfill normal tasks" such as retrieving their ball from the hole, while caddies will be able to rake bunkers and tend the flags.

Sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment will be available to everyone on site, whilst a limited number of journalists will be allowed to attend events.

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