Pro golfer has car stolen and breaks club during PGA Tour Canada Q-School

If you think you have bad luck when playing golf, just read this tale about Toppie Hogan who is trying to qualify for PGA Tour Canada.

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Thu, 31 Mar 2022
Pro golfer has car stolen and breaks club during PGA Tour Canada Q-School

Golf is a game of luck, there is no question about that. But when it comes to bad luck, there have rarely been worse cases than of Toppie Hogan who is competing at PGA Tour Canada Q-School this week. 

Hogan is competing in the USA West 1 event of the Canadian qualifiers which is being hosted in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

Unfortunately, Hogan has been "as sick as a dog" as he described himself and in his first round, he could only manage a 4-over-par 76 despite making an eagle and three birdies.

Just over an hour before his second round, Hogan's car was stolen from his gated accommodation for the event, which also happened to him two years ago.

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It turned out that a drunk woman had his car towed away because she thought Hogan's car was parked in her spot. On top of being ill and shooting a bad score in the first round of Q-School, Hogan must've wanted the ground to swallow him up.

But this wasn't the end of his worries. Prior to his second round, Hogan snapped his three-wood on the driving range to further hamper his chances of qualifying for PGA Tour Canada.

He went on to shoot a 7-over-par 79 to put himself on 11-over-par for the event. He is 21 shots behind the leader Cooper Dossey.

So while he prepares to shoot a better score in the third round of Q-School while being ill, Hogan also needs to find where his car has been towed to and sort out a new three-wood.

Whenever you think you are having a poor day on the golf course, just think of Toppie Hogan.



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