Pro-Patrick Reed account makes extraordinary claim about Rory McIlroy

The account thought to be from a member of Patrick Reed's camp has suggested the PGA Tour's player impact program is not what it seems. 

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Fri, 4 Mar 2022
Pro-Patrick Reed account makes extraordinary claim about Rory McIlroy

Cast your mind back a few months and you may remember an Eddie Pepperell tweet about Patrick Reed. 

It was 27 October 2021 and Pepperell said: "Wasn't expecting this today". He was referring to a response he had made about Reed "cheating". 

An account, by the moniker @usGolfFACTS, sensationally claimed that footage of Reed at the 2019 Hero World Open was digitally altered. 

This was after memorably he was given a two-stroke penalty for moving the sand behind his ball with his wedge in a waste area in Albany. 

We all know what followed. Reed defended himself. He was embroiled in another rules controversy at Farmers en route to victory. 

What many people in the golf world believe is that this account is in some way linked to the Reed camp. 

There are murmerings that the account is run by Reed's wife Justine, but this is just pure speculation. 

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We should say that Reed has not publicly commented on this. But the depth of the "investigation" shows this account is very much pro-Reed.

Now, this account has made another stunning accusation: that the PGA Tour's player impact program is not all what it seems. 

Tiger Woods won the inaugral PIP, edging out PIPhil Mickelson who previously claimed he had won it. 

Woods won $8million for having the biggest impact on the game last year. Then he burned Mickelson and will probably win it again.

Critics have suggested the program is as a direct response to emerging rival leagues and is just a slush fund to keep the top players happy. 

This is what the pro-Reed account had to say:

The CBS golf reporter Kyle Porter also picked up on some of McIlroy's comments this week. 

And from there things got a bit spicier:

Right, okay. So try and explain this to someone who doesn't follow golf?

Good luck. 

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