Scottie Scheffler has an idea if the unthinkable happens at The American Express

Scottie Scheffler found it amusing he could share the top spot in the Official World Golf Ranking with Patrick Cantlay after The American Express.

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Fri, 20 Jan 2023
Scottie Scheffler has an idea if the unthinkable happens at The American Express

Scottie Scheffler found the prospect of having not one - but two - players atop of the Official World Golf Ranking rather amusing. 

So much so that he could only think of one idea to determine who is the real World No.1. 

In case you didn't hear the news, we could conceivably be in a situation where Scheffler regains the top spot from Rory McIlroy

At the same time, Patrick Cantlay could also share the honour with the 2022 Masters champion after the conclusion of The American Express. 

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That's only if Cantlay was to win in California and Scheffler was to finish in solo eighth. 

In another amusing coincidence, both Scheffler and Cantlay are T-42 through 18 holes in the PGA Tour event. 

Told of the prospect of having two players at the summit, Scheffler said: 

"That would be pretty funny. I assume that's never happened before. It would be a little bit weird to have two [at number one]. Maybe have a putt off or something to see who would be the real No. 1 is." 

The American said he doesn't think about the world rankings. 

He said: 

"I'm focused on trying to put myself in position to win the tournament. I have no idea what a finish or win would do for me in the world ranking."

Scheffler may laugh and joke about the situation but one player desperately looking to get back to the top is Jon Rahm

Rahm was toppled by Scheffler in 2022 during a mind-boggling run which saw him pick up win after win. 

Scheffler was subsequently leapfrogged by McIlroy. Rahm has been consistently vocal on the subject.

He's moved back to No. 3 but in his mind believes he has been the best player for approximately six months

This is despite what the numbers say. 

Rahm told the media after he won the Sentry Tournament of Champions

"I feel like since August I've been the best player in the world, I feel like, and I think a lot of us should feel like a lot of times we're the best. Earlier in the year clearly Scottie was that player, then Rory was that player, and I feel like right now it's been me."

Scheffler joins the PAC...

Scheffler was also named as new member of the PGA Tour's Players Advisory Council. 

Rory McIlroy is the chairman. Shane Lowry was also named. 

One former Ryder Cup captain described the PAC as a "colossal waste of time". 

Scheffler said of his new role: 

"I think you've seen kind of more players become more involved in stuff with the Tour in the past year. I think with LIV that's kind of an obvious deal that we had to make a few changes in order to improve our Tour in a different way.
"So for me having an opportunity to be on the PAC and talk with guys across all different levels of our Tour, whether it's a guy finishing 100th on the money list or first, it's kind of nice to be in the room and have those conversations and figure out what is collectively going to work best for all of us so that this Tour can succeed.
"I just want to be in a position to help. So it should be a good year for us on the PAC and we got a good group of guys and hopefully just continue to improve our tour."

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