Scottie Scheffler provides priceless (!) reaction to Jon Rahm's PGA Tour gripe

World No.1 Scottie Scheffler provided an absolutely hilarious reaction when he was asked about Jon Rahm's biggest pet peeve on the PGA Tour.

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Sat, 26 Aug 2023
Scottie Scheffler provides priceless (!) reaction to Jon Rahm's PGA Tour gripe

Scottie Scheffler provided an absolutely priceless reaction when he was asked about Jon Rahm's 'pet peeve' concerning the PGA Tour's season finale. 

In case you missed it, Rahm explained that he's tired of the Tour Championship coverage as 'it's all about money'. 

Of course, there are big bucks on the line. The 30 players who made it here are competing for a $75m purse. 

Of that $75m, a whopping $18m is going to the FedEx Cup champion. That is only set to increase next year. 

Prize purses across the board are also rising and the elevated, designated, signature events are now here to stay. 

If the PGA Tour's deal with the PIF of Saudi Arabia goes through then we're talking about even more ridiculous sums in the future. 

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Rahm made it clear that he's in an extremely privileged position, yet he thinks it's nonsense to suggest players are thinking about how much each shot is potentially worth. 

The Spanish World No.3 claimed some of the 2023 major champions will likely not know how much cash they earned for their wins. 

That was backed up by Scheffler when he was asked about Rahm's thoughts after 36 holes in East Lake. 

Scheffler claimed he had absolutely no idea how much he won for winning the 86th Masters in 2022. 

Here's Scheffler's full exchange with a reporter:

Q. Jon Rahm was here saying that he's a little aggravated that all they want to talk about is the money at this particular event because it's so exaggerated. When you're on the course at this event, do you ever think about it? Does it ever dawn on you the difference between first and fifth is however much?


"Well, I don't know how much it is."

Q. So it doesn't dawn on you?


"I mean, no. I'm very grateful to play golf for money, but that's not my motivation. It's as simple as that."

Q. Do you know how much money you won when you won the Masters last year?


"He's got my bank book. I don't know. Just kidding."


If you need reminding, Scottie, you won $2.7m. 

Before the Tour Championship, Scheffler had pocketed $42,565,229 in official prize money. 

Rahm? He was on $51,546,651 in official prize money before he hit a tee shot this week. 

Remind yourselves of Rahm's thoughts:

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