Tiger Woods' best chance for record-breaking PGA Tour win? Sanderson Farms...

Tiger Woods will have a chance to claim his 83rd win, but he'll need to wait for an event more suited to his body, argues GolfMagic's Editor Andy Roberts.  

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Tue, 14 Feb 2023
Tiger Woods' best chance for record-breaking PGA Tour win? Sanderson Farms...

It's written in the stars for Tiger Woods to claim his 83rd PGA Tour victory, but it won't come at the Genesis Invitational. 

This was the prediction from our Editor Andy Roberts in the latest instalment of GolfMagic's podcast From The Tips

In case you haven't heard, Woods will make his first start in a non-major since October 2020 at Riviera this weekend. 

His peers are already waxing lyrical about his return. 

He's already been on a scouting trip ahead of the U.S. Open so it's fair to assume Woods means business in 2023. 

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That being said, Andy reckons his best chance of a victory if he is to equal the late, great Sam Snead may have to come at an event that hasn't been given elevated status. 

We're thinking a Sanderson Farms Championship or a Shriners Children's Open. 

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In this episode, we also had the opportunity to speak to two-time long drive world champion Joe Miller

Miller spoke on a range of topics, including Woods' return, how to increase your distance, his love of barbecue, nutrition and how he believes Bryson DeChambeau revived their sport. 

Andy said of Tiger: 

"You get the sense there is a real excitement from the players and I think the industry at large and the sport in general.
"Even if you're not mad into golf you all know Tiger Woods and the story and the history of him, so it's great and he just brings an extra excitement to the tournament this week."

So what about victory number 83? 

Andy added: 

"Is he going to win? Wow. It would be nice to think [he could]. He's obviously stuck on that 82 PGA Tour wins with the late, great Sam Snead. 
"You think it's written in the stars that arguably the greatest golfer of all time - in my opinion he is the greatest of all time - that he will get that 83rd win at some stage. 
"But look, he's 47 years old. He had a car crash two years ago this month and many of us weren't actually sure he would ever play the game again.  
"So we have to be thankful that he's back on tour and doing his thing. Can he win? I really hope he can do it. 
"To answer your question, I don't think it will be this week, though, sadly." 

Just four per cent of GolfMagic's readers believe Woods will win. 

The vast majority believe Woods will either miss the cut or finish outside the top-25 having made it to the weekend. 

Added Andy: 

"The ardent Tiger Woods fans are probably in that four per cent.
"It's just great that Tiger's back just to bring that added excitement to the tournament. It's an elevated event as it is and I think Tiger being there elevates it further, right?
"I just hope he can stay fit, healthy, keep the smile on his face and hopefully we can see him at the Masters in April because I think everyone wants to see him at the first major of the year." 

So does Tiger just want one last hurrah? What's the deal?

Andy continued:

"When Tiger speaks to the media, he says that he can still play all the shots. He still believes he's got the game to win majors. 
"He's three majors behind Jack Nicklaus' record 18. He's on 15. He still thinks he can do it at the back of his mind. 
"Phil Mickelson won the U.S. PGA at 50 years old. He looks at that and goes, 'Well if he can do it, I can do it.' 
"He did win a U.S. Open with a broken leg back in the day against all the odds. Nobody thought he would win the 2019 Masters. He somehow managed to do that.
"This is Tiger Woods. The greatest golfer that has ever lived. We should never write him off. I am not going to write him off. 
"I personally don't think he will win another tournament again. [If he does] it might come at a Sanderson Farms Championship or a Shriners Children's Open where the field is not quite as deep."

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What is Woods' best opportunity to get one more win?

Andy said: 

"There might be a tournament for him at some stage when he's playing well, but I just think with these elevated events, the strength in depth in these events... you look at how well the top players are playing. 
"It worries me that Tiger's saying, 'I'm not sure I can walk 72 holes at the moment. I've got all the shots but I'm not sure I can walk 72 holes.' 
 "That, to me, you need to be fit and healthy to win on tour these days. If he's flagging in a tournament towards the weekend and you've got Rahm, McIlroy and Scheffler all on their A-game, I just don't know how he competes with that."

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