Tony Finau wife: Who is Tony Finau's wife? Meet Alayna Galea'i-Finau

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Sat, 29 Apr 2023
Tony Finau wife: Who is Tony Finau's wife? Meet Alayna Galea'i-Finau

Would it be unreasonable to suggest PGA Tour pro Tony Finau probably has quite a nice life?

Finau, 33, has already pocketed more than $35m in prize money on the circuit after finally unlocking some (?) of his potential. 

He's racked up a number of wins now after having the moniker of the best player yet to for such a long time. 

Whenever he wins on tour, he immediately points to his support network: friends, family, coaches, God. 

But perhaps the most important in that group is his wife: Alayna Galea'i-Finau

The couple got married on12 May 2021. It was Mother's Day. They celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary in 2022. 

They have five children together: Jraice, Leilene Aiaga, Tony, Sage and Sienna-Vee. 

Tony has stated in several interviews that he would like to have an even bigger family. Tony has five brothers and three sisters. Alayna also has four siblings. 

He told the Charlotte Observer: 

"We'd like to at least have one more. We'll probably do five or six. We come from big families. I think Polynesians in general, but also the Mormon community, [Latter Day Saints], we like big families. I have five brothers and three sisters. My wife has three sisters and a brother."

A cool story about Tony is that he missed the chance to play golf with Tiger Woods because Alayna was due to give birth to their fourth child. 

Tony and Alayna have not revealed how, where and when they met. 

We did get a small insight into their relationship in the Netflix documentary Full Swing. 

Tony had an entire episode dedicated to his life behind-the-scenes as a pro golfer, entitled: Don't Get Bitter, Get Better. 

We saw that Alayna was a frequent fixture at Tony's tournaments. She makes it to about half of his events every single year. 

That amount increased in 2022 following the tragic death of her father. 

The family travelled together full time for five months and Alayna wrote on Instagram:

"These five months have been the greatest blessing and tender mercy I ever needed," she wrote at the end of the tour. "Stressful at times, but worth it! I wish we did this earlier, but it panned out the way it did, all on the lord's time."

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The couple both share a huge passion for philanthropy.

The Tony Finau Foundation is an organisation that: 

"Aims to empower and inspire youth and their families to discover, develop and achieve the best of their gifts through education, wellness and recreation." 

The foundation also donated $100,000 to produce millions of facemasks for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Let's take care of our true heroes," Alayna wrote on Instagram. 











Tony and Alayna are very proud of their Polynesian heritage and are both members of the Latter-Day Saints. 

Tony, who is Samoan and Tongan, said in 2017:

"It's really an honour for me to represent my people at the level that I am. I think the Polynesian people and the gospel are in harmony. We're very respectful people, and very humble people … and I try and let that shine through as much as possible."

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