Tour pro HAMMERS PGA Tour Player Impact Program as Tiger Woods wins it

DP World Tour pro Scott Hend slams the PGA Tour over the way it has distributed its PIP money for 2021. 

Tour pro HAMMERS PGA Tour Player Impact Program as Tiger Woods wins it
Tour pro HAMMERS PGA Tour Player Impact Program as Tiger Woods wins it

DP World Tour pro Scott Hend has blasted the PGA Tour over the results of its Player Impact Program, which were made public on Wednesday.

Tiger Woods won $8 million for coming first, despite only playing in one tournament all year and that was an unofficial event alongside his son Charlie Woods at the PNC Championship in December.

Phil Mickelson thought he had won it at the end of 2021 but he has had to settle for $6 million for coming in second. 

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Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm and Bubba Watson rounded out the top 10.


1. Tiger Woods ($8 million)
2. Phil Mickelson ($6 million)
3. Rory McIlroy ($3.5 million)
4. Jordan Spieth ($3.5 million)
5. Bryson DeChambeau ($3.5 million)
6. Justin Thomas ($3.5 million)
7. Dustin Johnson ($3 million)
8. Brooks Koepka ($3 million)
9. Jon Rahm ($3 million)
10. Bubba Watson ($3 million)

In total, $40 million was dished out to the Top 10 in the inaugural Player Impact Program, which rewards players based one their impact measurement. 

Independent auditor Grant Thornton certified the results, under the following criteria: 

  1. Internet Searches: Number of times a player’s name is searched on the internet;
  2. Earned Media: Number of unique news articles that include a player’s name;
  3. Social Media: Social media score that considers a player’s reach, conversation and engagement metrics;
  4. TV Sponsor Exposure: Duration (time) that a player’s sponsor logo(s) appears on screen during Saturday and Sunday PGA TOUR telecasts;
  5. Awareness: A player’s general awareness score among broad U.S. population.

The results have not gone down well with many in the golf world, in particular three-time European Tour winner Scott Hend who blasted the PGA Tour for their handling of the bonus money. 



"PIP awardation system.... Just showing the World how farked up Golf really is when it comes to money," tweeted the Australian. 

PGA Tour players will be playing for an increased pot of $50 million when it comes to PIP money in 2022. 

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