WATCH: Hot mics catch hilarious Jason Day dagger as Jack Nicklaus commentates!

Hot mics caught this hilarious comment from Jason Day. 

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Sat, 3 Jun 2023
WATCH: Hot mics catch hilarious Jason Day dagger as Jack Nicklaus commentates!

Jack Nicklaus joined the Golf Channel broadcast on Friday and things got a little bit awkward after the hot mics picked up this comment from Jason Day.  

Day is feeling it on the PGA Tour these days and recently stepped back into the winner's circle for the first time in more than five years. 

But the Australian has been little bit frustrated this week and is particularly grumpy with one hole at Muirfield Village. Specifically, the par-3 16th. 

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The hole has been somewhat treacherous over the years and has gone through a number of changes. 

It has recently gotten a tad longer and now plays at 220-yards. After his opening 76 on Thursday, Day said 'it's not really a hole that should be playing' that length. 

According to Day, he sees it as difficult to hold the green with a longer iron. 

Which brings us to this hilarious moment in all its glory. Day was battling to make the cut at the Memorial when he stepped up to strike his tee shot. 

Day found the sand. Then the hot mics picked him up saying 'stupid hole' before muttering something under his breath for a few moments. 

It was all the more humorous given that Nicklaus also picked up what the 35-year-old said. 

Jack's response? "No, I think he might be right." 

Here's the clip:

Day did indeed get up and down to save his par, of which Nicklaus chimed: "Well, he just parred the stupid hole." 

Unfortunately, Day did not manage to stick around for the weekend. He missed the cut by one after making a bogey at the last. 

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"We don't even talk about it" 

Earlier in the week Nicklaus caught the headlines when he ripped into those that joined LIV Golf. 

He blasted:

"I don't even consider those guys [LIV Golf players] part of the game anymore. I don't mean that in a nasty way.
"This is a PGA Tour event and we have the best field we can possibly have for a PGA Tour event for those who are eligible to be here.
"The other guys made a choice of what they did and where they’ve gone and we don’t even talk about it."

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