Why are the PGA Tour copying LIV Golf? "Do players care about history anymore?!"

Is the PGA Tour copying LIV Golf? Tiger Woods' future. Betting tips for The Players? All was discussed in the latest episode of From The Tips.

Why are the PGA Tour copying LIV Golf? "Do players care about history anymore?!"
Why are the PGA Tour copying LIV Golf? "Do players care about history…

The PGA Tour is being 'tarnished' with its bombshell changes, according to GolfMagic Editor Andy Roberts. 

Speaking on the latest episode of From The Tips, Andy called into question whether or not elite players care about history anymore. 

This is because the established tour has confirmed that from 2024 as many as eight of their marquee events will be reduced to fields of 70-78 players with the absence of a 36-hole cut. 

The response from LIV Golf has been exactly what you might expect. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, LIV's Ian Poulter wrote on social media. 

Andy doesn't believe the PGA Tour have completely ripped off their rival, but is unsure about the future of the tour. 

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Topics on episode nine included: 

Andy said: 

"Yes, I think this is a very similar play to what LIV Golf have done. As I say, it's not a complete rip but it's very, very close.
"No cuts is obviously the major talking talking points, you can argue there have been many PGA Tour events down the years without a cut [like] at the WGCs, for example. 
"But we are now talking about 10 designated events. This just isn't a handful of WGC events." 

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He continued: 

"It's all down to money, right? Removing cuts will attract more sponsors and make these events far more lucrative and appealing to splash the cash. 
"It can often prove something of a headache for sponsors when your big names are missing the cut and packing their bags on Friday night.
"It doesn't often happen, but sometimes it can. Say Rahm, McIlroy, Spieth, Schefflere, Woods...they all have mares and then you're left - with all due respect - players like Chris Kirk and Russell Henley. 
"That isn't a draw for a sponsor on a weekend if they've invested a lot of money and they're left with [those type of players], you want the big names involved." 

Andy also stated that he was a little bit uncomfortable with the comments made from Rory McIlroy after he finished second at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. 

He said: 

"Essentially [he was] saying now how effectively having no cuts is important for the game and that they've been around for a while anyway. 
"It's like, well hang on a second, why did everyone hit out at LIV Golf in the first place when they weren't using cuts? It doesn't quite add up to me. 
"I think [PGA Tour player] Max Homa is the only one to come out and say they were fighting to keep cuts
"As a tour pro, it's always been that you have a cut mark. You play your best for two rounds and then push on over the weekend. 
"So I think making this change, in particular, somewhat tarnishes the PGA Tour model given its biggest and best tournaments don't have a cut anymore.
"It's a shame. Going back through the years, all the tournaments have had a cut. Does anyone care about history anymore? I'm not so sure."

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