YouTuber makes video suggesting Tiger Woods' car crash is FAKE

Gematria Effect Sports believes the Tiger Woods car crash is a "ritual for The Masters week" and that Woods hasn't even had surgery.

YouTuber makes video suggesting Tiger Woods' car crash is FAKE
YouTuber makes video suggesting Tiger Woods' car crash is FAKE

Just when I thought the world couldn't get any crazier, I wake up on Wednesday morning to find a video in the GolfMagic inbox of a man suggesting that the breaking news of Tiger Woods being involved in a serious car accident is fake and is being used as a "ritual for The Masters week".

The YouTuber who made the video runs an account called Gematria Effect Sports and he has amassed over 65,000 subscribers, where he analyses sports stories and events using a code system called gematria and suggests they are rigged, fixed and in some cases such as the Woods story, just simply not true.

According to Wikipedia (I had no idea what 'gematria' even was), Gematria is "an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. A single word can yield multiple values depending on the cipher used. Gematria is a Hebrew alphanumeric code or cipher that was probably used in biblical times and was later adopted by other cultures."

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The video was streamed live on YouTube as the news about Woods started to make the headlines and the conspiracy theorist starts the video by saying: "The big news on February 23rd, the 54th day of the year, Tiger Woods has reportedly crashed in a one car accident and I would bet my house, all my life savings, my mum's life, my dad's life, and everyone else's life including my own, that this entire story is a huge pile of bullsh*t."

Well apologies if any fans of his channel are reading this but the only bullsh*t I'm hearing is coming out this man's mouth in the video.




At around 11 minutes into the video, the conspiracy theorist suggests that not a single part of the story is true and that Woods hasn't even had surgery.

"We'll see if they say he's going to miss The Masters because of this, we'll see. I'm going to be paying attention. I guarantee this story is bullsh*t. He's not out getting surgery on his legs right now. This is all just sports theatre narrative bullsh*t, the kind of stuff they feed you every day and you just eat right up."

Listen, I know absolutely nothing about gematria and this bloke has plenty of subscribers so he's clearly not the only one who thinks the Woods story is fake, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what we are hearing is true and from everyone at GolfMagic, we wish Tiger a speedy recovery and send our love to his family.

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