Three sets of Honma irons for more than

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Thu, 1 Aug 2013

Honma 55th Anniversary - £41,500

Brand: Honma
55th Anniversary
£41,500 (includes woods and bag - only sold as one set; ARMRQ 55th 5-Star carbon graphite shaft)
Website: Honma Golf

Honma has this season unleashed its 55th Anniversary Set.

Making clubs that speak to the refinement of their owners is the proud tradition that Honma carries on in the 55th Anniversary iron, which comes in 5-iron to SW.

The forged irons feature maraging stainless copper face and contain satin 2-layer plating.

ARMRQ 55th 5-Star shaft, combining six carbon fibers evenly from 360deg directions, boosts resistance to crushing and flexing and enabling the shaft to accommodate force from al l directions.

The shaft regains its original shape with greater accuracy at the impact, which dramatically increases carry performance.