adipower boost golf shoe review

Give your game a boost with the shoes worn by Jason Day and Dustin Johnson

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Thu, 12 Mar 2015
adipower boost golf shoe review

If you are looking to "boost" your game in 2015, you may just want to slip on adidas's latest golf shoe.

The new "adipower boost", as worn by recent PGA Tour winners Dustin Johnson and Jason Day, is the first golf shoe from adidas to incorporate the company’s innovative foam-cushioning technology.

The "boost" concept, used in the brand’s basketball, running and baseball footwear, takes thousands of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane - a type of plastic) capsules and fuses them together with high-pressure steam.

The result, according to adidas, is a “comfortable, but sturdy, cushioning system”.

So comfortable, in fact, it is easy to forget you still have your golf shoes on after a round.

World number five Day agrees. “When I first put them on, I immediately noticed how comfortable they were and didn’t want to take them off,” said the 27-year-old Australian, who wore the shoes for the first time when landing the Farmers Insurance Open last month.

“During the swing, the energy return is noticeable, as if you can feel the technology in action. I wanted to keep them the moment I saw them. They feel good and look good, too.”

When first slipping them on, "adipower boost" felt similar to the "adizero" of two years ago - in the sense of wearing nothing at all.

During play the performance benefits are obvious. The new foam cushioning provides a spring-like sensation underfoot that essentially gives you a "boost" when striding the fairways, as well as providing you with more power at impact.

Typically golf shoes use EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate - a rubber-like compound) to provide cushioning, but this has a tendency to break down in varying temperatures (hardening in the cold, softening in heat). Adidas says "boost" foam counters this. 

A lace-in saddle, fit sleeve and tongue wrapping also adds to the all-round comfort, while "Climaproof" protection offers total waterproof defence. 

Not only does the cushioning feel remarkably soft, ensuring the feet feel fresh throughout the round, there is also tremendous stability aided by the "gripmore" cleats – as found on the popular "adicross gripmore".

The difference this time around, however, is the shoe comprises 25 "gripmore" spikes that vary in size to deliver even more traction than before.

From full-blooded drives to delicate shots around the green, “adipower boost” keeps you down through the shot at all times and allows you to play each shot with confidence. 

And pleasingly with the "gripmore" cleats you will not leave any scuff marks as you walk from one green to the next. 


A fantastic offering from adidas Golf and certainly one of our favourites for 2015 because it is incredibly snug, stable and stylish. 

Without question the most comfortable golf shoe in adidas Golf history thanks to the new "boost" foam cushioning, £130 looks great value for money if you are in the market for a premium golf shoe. 

It also comes in a range of colours to suit both the traditionalist and fashion-conscious golfer.

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