Callaway launches new balls

New range of HX and CTU balls will be here soon

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Wed, 26 Sep 2001
Callaway launches new balls
HX Red ball from Callaway.

Callaway Golf which has spent millions on ball development is introducing four new models – the first of which will be available in Europe in November.

The CTU 30 Red and Blue versions will arrive in time for the Christmas market while the Red and Blue HX (pronounced ‘hex’) versions will be available in March 2002. Blue versions have a slightly softer feel for control around the green.

The CTU balls are updated versions of the unique Rule 35 ball introduced last year and the HX models are aimed at the top end of the market to be used by professionals and low handicap amateurs in a bid to challenge the success of Titleist’s Pro V1 ball.

The HX and CTU 30 balls each feature Callaway’s three-piece solid construction with cast thermoset urethane covers, moulded with high-energy ionomer layers and large cores made of tungsten-enriched rubber.

Callaway claims, the ionomer layer helps transfer more energy from club to ball at high speeds to create more distance with woods and long irons.

The HX golf ball features new tubular lattice network to enhance aerodynamic performance, which Callaway says, ‘eliminates the flat area between dimples that increases drag and robs many traditional golf balls of optimal distance and trajectory.’

Several European and PGA Tour players are testing the balls in tournaments this week.

Says Richard Helmstetter, head of research and development: "Nothing in the market today compares with it and we believe that pros and amateurs alike will be quick to embrace it. Given the variable conditions that pros must play in from week to week, the HX offers them unprecedented stability and consistency in their ball flight – especially in windy conditions."

He adds: "The HX can also help average golfers achieve greater carry for increased potential distance. Golfers will also love the CTU 30 because it feels nearly identical to the Rule 35, but has improved consistency of performance from tee to green."

The new HX Blue Callaway packs.

All four models, plus the CB1 two-piece launched in January, will be available in three-ball sleeves and 12-ball boxes. Cost of the CTU is expected to be around £8.50 for three and the HX just over £10.