Callaway Steelhead III 11-wood

We review the club which was originally designed for women golfers but is increasingly to be found in the men's armoury...

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Tue, 21 Oct 2003
Callaway Steelhead III 11-wood
Callaway Steelhead III 11-wood
Part of Steelhead III family.

Callaway Steelhead III 11-wood

Price: £139

The baby sister of the 7- and 9-wood, I found the Steelhead III 11-wood lacked the bite and penetration of the other members of the family.

It proved a handy club into the wind on par-3 holes when you needed a low flight from 150-160 yards but off the fairway the closed face consistently led to pulled mishits.

Initially I was considering asking Callaway to name their price for this 25-degree loft fairway metal – but I’ve changed my mind.

It’s supposed to be more forgiving than the earlier Steelhead Plus models but in this department it’s not comparable to my Steelhead Plus 7-wood. I’ve decided I can’t find room for it in my bag in preference to a gap wedge or a 4-iron.


While I was impressed with the Steelhead III ‘Devine’ 9-wood which is both forgiving and accurate, the Ely 11-wood is a fairway metal too many in my bag. It might suit a new golfer or woman who prefers the longer shafted clubs but I’m going to persevere with trying to make my 4- and 5-irons more versatile.

Golfmagic rating: 7/10