Cleveland CBX wedge review - A good choice for an improving player

The Cleveland CBX is a wedge that's ideal for improving your game, making a good case for moving away from bladed wedges.

Forgiving, provides heaps of spin

Chances are you play with cavity backed irons. You don’t copy the professionals and opt for blades, because they’re more difficult to hit, reducing the margin for error.

So why do you bag a bladed wedge?

If you have a legitimate answer - “I’m a great ball striker and require maximum control” - then pat yourself on the back and stick with your current set. But if you're left floundering, the new Cleveland CBX wedge could be for you.

Some 84% of golfers play with cavity backed clubs, but most play with bladed wedges. Cleveland think this is wrong, and have filled a gap in the market with aplomb, giving some of the sticks on our best golf wedges list a run for their money.

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Cleveland CBX Wedge - Looks and Feel

Pretty much what you would expect from a game improvement wedge. There’s a lot of face on show at address, inspiring confidence. The top line is thicker compare to bladed wedges, but not enough to put us off.

The sole is medium to thick towards the heel, and gains in weight towards the toe end, adding more forgiveness on shots struck towards this area, where most higher handicappers strike.

The backside is clearly chunky because of the cavity.


The new cavity backed @clevelandgolfeurope CBX wedge has some serious forgiveness.

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Has a firm, responsive feel, and makes an appealing clippy sound at impact. 

Cleveland CBX Wedge - Performance and Forgiveness

A vast increase in MOI compared to bladed wedges means this club is going to offer a heap more forgiveness - particularly towards the toe, where most high handicappers miss.

Thick hosels on wedges mean sweet spots are actually normally towards the heel of an iron, not directly in the centre, and the splayed toe helps to address this issue.

The Dual V Sole allows the club to glide through the turf. Even when we tried to dig the club in, it seemed to bounce out, which filled us with confidence. If you're a golfer who often duffs your chips, you need to give the CBX a go, as the wide sole makes it very hard to chunk shots. 

Combined with Feel Impact Technology, which repositions the centre of gravity for better feel and distance, we felt we could really go at the ball with belief we were going to get great results, even if we slightly missed the shot.

We were able to get excellent spin rates, particularly around the greens, thanks to the club’s Rotex Face.

Having a wedge that feels just like an iron is clearly going to be positive for most golfers.

You can open and close the face and still get decent levels of performance. 

Should you buy the Cleveland CBX Wedge?

A cavity backed wedge makes so much sense, and the Cleveland CBX fits the bill.

Abundantly forgiving for a wedge, while offering superb levels of spin - at the very least, it’s worth a test to see how it could improve your game.

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