Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Review: Soft feel and heaps of spin

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedge is a superb choice for the low handicap golfer, offering control and improved feel in a Tour-inspired head. 

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Charlie Lemay
Fri, 10 Aug 2018
Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Review: Soft feel and heaps of spin

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Soft feel; heaps of spin; compact look
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PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2018

There aren’t a load of short game specialist golf brands, but Cleveland Golf is one, and the brand's Cleveland RTX 4 wedge is designed to promote more control and improved feel from a Tour-inspired head.

While its competitively priced putters are popular and perform to a high level, it is perhaps its wedges that the brand is most renowned for.

In 2018, the RTX 4 lands with new tech and a new emphasis on being a “Tour-level” club. It's since been surpassed by the magnificent Cleveland RTX ZipCore Full Face, but the RTX 4 is still an excellent (and more affordable) option.

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Peter Hanson on the Cleveland RTX 4 wedge

Cleveland RTX 4 wedge - Looks and Feel

Slightly more compact than the RTX 3 and with less offset, better players will love the look of the Cleveland RTX 4 wedge. All the finishes are stunning. 

It's slightly softer than its predecessor too. We found we were getting more response as well. A wonderful feel.

Cleveland RTX 4 wedge - Performance and Forgiveness

High levels of spin from the fairway, as expected, but we were surprised that we were also getting decent control from the semi rough as well.

The new sole grinds suit players that like to play with a straight bat, or those that like to manipulate face angles. The turf interaction is excellent, with the club getting through the shot with ease, promoting a crisp strike.

Out of the bunker we were able to open up the face and get some serious hang time and zip on the ball.

Should you buy the Cleveland RTX 4 wedge?

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedge offered us more control and an improved feel compared to previous versions. This is a superb wedge for the low handicap golfer, up there with some of the best out there.

We enjoyed the improved feel, and there's heaps of control. Just what better players want from a wedge.