ZL Encore

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
ZL Encore

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Adjustable Flight Technology; E9 Face Technology with Dual Roll; Exceptional distance; Great looks; Decent forgiveness
Hard to think of one
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PRICE: £229.00 YEAR: from 2013

The Cobra ZL Encore features more roll above the centre line of the face and less roll below the centre, which boosts launch without increasing spin.

The bulge and roll is tilted 7-degree clockwise (toward the low heel and high toe) to expand the sweetspot, where players miss most often.

On first look, it's a classy looking Cobra design, similar to the AMP and AMP Cell. Sporting the red version, the striking head and shaft combination stands out from the pack, just as we've come to expect from this brand favoured by the likes of Ian Poulter and Rickie Fowler. 

It's also packed with technology, including Adjustable Flight Technology, which aided me with three simple face-angle settings of open, neutral and closed to optimisee my ball flight. I favoured neutral and was finding the fairway with regularity. 

It also comes fuelled with E9 Face Technology with Dual Roll, and this no doubt contributes to the added distance.

This driver is about as long or longer than many drivers I've tested this year. It also does an adequate job of keeping the ball in play and off-centre hits don’t exactly lose significant distance.

In terms of feel, it's a pretty lightweight club that feels fast through the hitting zone. I enjoyed a nice, springy sensation and terrific crack at impact.

The ZL Encore produces a relatively high, straight ball flight. In fact, I'd say it's much easier than other drivers to draw the ball. 


One of the best looking, best feeling and best performing drivers on the market today. In terms of performance, I'd favour the ZL Encore over any other Cobra driver currently on the shelves. 

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