Boom Boom 2

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 29 Oct 2012
Boom Boom 2
The BB2 provided me with a solid ball flight, great forgiveness and plenty of workability

Need To Know

Good looking; solid ball flight; forgiving; superb workability
Expensive; unattractive sound at impact
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PRICE: £349.99 YEAR: from 2012

Lynx claims its all-new Boom Boom 2 driver is unlike any piece of golf equipment before it, thanks to its unique Hot 1 Technology which keeps warm its durable bi-titanium head that has been cleverly fuelled with not just metals but liquid gasses.

The BB2 has certainly raised temperatures in Golfmagic’s forum of late - so bearing in mind this debate caused by its heated headcovers, I’m going to review it based purely on its ability to get my ball closer to the hole.

And I was impressed with its overall performance.

I fired my opening drive down the fairway on Burhill’s New Course, leaving me with a wedge into the green, and that would be the story of my nine-hole trial. I used the club five times and missed the short stuff once en route to shooting a 1-over 37. My only missed fairway came at seven when the ball scampered down the right flank before cooling itself down in the reeds.

The BB2, in 10.5-degree stiff, provided me with a solid ball flight, great forgiveness and plenty of workability - something that was pivotal on the dogleg par-5 fifth where a draw around the giant tree is required to miss the out of bounds left and bunkers right. But most importantly, drives were flying long and straight.

Having played Burhill hundreds of times, I’ve never left myself a 7-iron into the tricky par-4 sixth before. According to my GPS that particular drive went 282 yards, although it was somewhat aided by the exceptionally dry and bouncy fairways.

On the downside, the £349.99 price tag seems a touch steep – though this is quite a common price-range for new drivers on the market. And I wasn’t overly keen on the sound of the ball off the face at impact, even when catching the sweet spot.

Never one to turn down a splash of colour, the bright red clubhead was visually appealing at address and inspired plenty of confidence before pulling the trigger.

The Boom Boom 2 will be available next month in 9-, 10.5- and 12.5-degree versions with an Aldila RIP’dNV shaft in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex.


The Lynx Boom Boom 2 is the result of years of research, development and testing. And it shows. The driver represents one of the most technologically-advanced clubs currently on the market. A tad expensive? Maybe. But you can’t put a price on finding the fairway.

FOOTNOTE: Golfmagic used the driver warmed by the controversial headcover. Lynx claims the driver is still longer than its rivals when cold, but Golfmagic cannot vouch for this until it tries it.

To read more about the Boom Boom 2, click here. To join the forum debate, click here. We also exclusively interviewed brand ambassadors Di Dougherty and Austin Healey. Let us know your views on our Facebook page and by tweeting us @Golfmagic.

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