Classic XL

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Charlie Lemay
Tue, 14 May 2013
Classic XL
Easy to get the ball in the air and good distance

Need To Know

Larger sweet spot; centre of gravity moved deeper to promote higher ball flight; looks great
High ball flight may be hard to control in windy conditions
Our score:
PRICE: £149.95 YEAR: from 2013

Style and confidence are now available in a fairway wood. The Classic XL has a larger sweet spot for incredible distance even when you miss the sweet spot.

Cleveland has gone back to a classic appearance and it looks great. The large font on the sole of the club and the black head and shaft combo exude confidene which is much needed when hitting a wood off the floor. 

The head felt quite heavy but it didn't cause us any issues as we found the club gave us good distance. 

It was also very forgiving although this meant that the ball was harder to work than less forgiving fairway woods. 

Off the deck it was incredibly easy to get in the air, had a springy feel to the face and also produced an appealing sound. 


A old-school looking club from Cleveland that will fill you with confidence every time you take it out the bag.

A large sweet spot and springy face results in a solid, consistant strike and we were getting good distances out of it. Incredibly easy to get the ball airborne off the floor.

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