Tour SNSR putter grip review

soft grip pressure; snug, locked in feel; good distance control on all putts; aids confidence over ball; two different versions to suit player preferences
hard to fault

Golf Pride’s new oversized Tour SNSR Contour grip provides the nicest feel we've ever experienced from a putter grip.

With giant putter grips seemingly becoming more popular by the month, the golf grip specialist has launched oversized Tour-proven shapes with innovative SNSR material to improve the feel and feedback that players receive on the greens. 

The new grips - also available in a SNSR Straight version - are made of a soft-tuned rubber formulation that gives these grips an extraordinary feel, and encourages a lighter grip pressure that golfers seek in creating a smooth stroke.

golf pride tour snsr review

On first look at the grips, which we tested out during the PGA Show Demo Day in Orlando, the new SNSR Contour version certainly aids a snug, locked-in feel. It just fits in the hand perfectly.

The Contour version also promoted fantastic distance control from outside of 30 feet, and generated much-needed confidence over the must-make six-footers. 

The Tour SNSR Contour grip is an evolution of the classic tapered pistol profile that is the shape preference of over 75% of Tour players. The pistol allows golfers to lock in their upper hand for consistent hand placement that translates to more confidence in every stroke.

golf pride tour snsr straight

The Tour Straight grip, on the other hand, offers a contemporary, non-taper shape promoting a consistent hand pressure and feel. The straight taper design features soft, rounded edges that are strategically beveled for palm and finger pad comfort.

All four Tour SNSR models feature a wide paddle front, sculpted to promote lighter grip pressure and consistent hand placement.

Each model is available in red or blue in either a 104cc or 140cc outside diameter. 


The new Golf Pride Tour SNSR represents one of our favourite putter grips currently on the market. The Contoured version is certainly well worth a look at if you're either struggling with feel, distance control or just simply confidence.  

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