Review: Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep wedge

We test out the wedge as used by Nike staff player and 2014 Open champion Rory McIlroy

Review: Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep wedge

Brand: Nike
Wedge: VR X3X Toe Sweep
Best price: £84.95
Lofts: 52- to 60-degree
Lie: 64-degree
8- to 10-degree
Sole grinds: Toe Sweep and Dual Grind
Finish: Satin Chrome
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold

Summary: The Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep wedge is made with high-frequency grooves for precision spin and length in the short game. A wide sole with a narrow heel allows for specialised wedge play in different conditions.

Looks: One of the best looking wedges on the market right now. It's a work of art that everyone should be allowed to enjoy. With minimal branding, apart from the red swoosh on the back, it has a chic look which will appeal to the masses. When looking down on the club, golfers are faced with a classic, blade-like appearance but the toe seep on the sole gives it a unique look. The fresh satin chrome finish didn’t pose any issues in the sun. This is a wrench which you will be proud to have hanging out of your bag.

EXCLUSIVE: In the Bag with Rory McIlroy

Feel: The VR X3X scores top marks in the feel stakes as it provides a soft yet crisp response. There is a load of feedback on offer which meant I felt confident when striking the ball and I felt like it would be easy to manipulate our shots. It provides an appealing ‘click’ sound at impact and the even weight distribution promotes a fluid swing.

Performance: The beefy sole on the Toe Sweep allowed me to play a variety of shots and really helped around the greens and distance control out of sand. Whether I was going for a bump and run or a Mickelson-esque flop shot, I had total confidence that this wedge was up to the task. The clubhead clears the turf nicely which will help players who occasionally hit their wedges fat. From a full swing, the VR X3X produced a high ball flight which landed soft and went to an average distance with great consistency. Out the bunker, the added weight to the toe of the club promotes an open clubface and pops the ball straight up with ease. I managed to get good amounts of spin on the ball from full distance, around the greens and out of the bunker. Not the most forgiving wedge and distance suffered quit a bit when not struck from the sweet spot.

Verdict: A top-quality wedge that releases from the turf with complete ease. Looks fantastic, feels brilliant and imparts a bucket load of spin onto the ball.

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