TaylorMade RBZ Urethane

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Wed, 10 Jul 2013
TaylorMade RBZ Urethane

Brand: TaylorMade
Ball: RBZ Urethane
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Best price: £25

Summary: RBZ Urethane, as expected, features a cast urethane cover over a thin mantle layer to improve ball speed and to control spin on wedge shots. TaylorMade has increased the size of the core and lowered the compression to improve feel and spin on tee shots. 

Appearance: We're big fans of the unusual numbering patterns of 00 and 33. It's different, exciting and inspires a little more confidence over the ball. Best looking ball in the test, for us. RBZ Urethane alignment aid is perfect on the side, especially for lining up putts. 5

Feel: Soft feel with a wedge and putter and hard and springy with a driver. The ball flies off the face with the big dog and makes an appealing ‘click’ sound when struck with a wedge. Putting felt effortlessly smooth from close and long range. 9

Performance: Spin rates were about middle of the pack with the driver and wedge but in terms of distance the TaylorMade came out all guns blazing. The dispersion of our shots was also very positive. Long and straight – what a combination. Superb spin on those delicate greenside shots and out of sand. 9.5

Verdict: A 3-piece urethane-covered ball for more than £15 cheaper than a box of Lethals is impressive, but so is all the work done here to improve feel. Great ball for the mid-to-low capper. 23.5

RBZ Urethane

Driver Spin (RPM)

Driver Carry (yards)

Driver Distance (yards)

Wedge Spin (RPM)

Wedge Carry (yards)













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