Wilson Deep Red Maxx II driver


Mal Smith
Fri, 23 Jul 2004
Wilson Deep Red Maxx II driver

Right-handed version of Wilson Deep Red Maxx II driver

Price: £249 (graphite shaft)

Here’s a view of the Wilson Deep Red Maxx II driver from the other side. No, I haven’t given up on this life, it’s simply that as a left-handed, 50-something golfer (handicap 15) Golfmagic visitors might appreciate the opinion of a driver from someone who stands on the other side of the ball.

I bought my Deep Red in May to replace the original crimson-headed fat shaft version and was delighted with its performance almost immediately. The club not only looks good – and surely this is probably the most attractive-looking driver on the market – it feels comfortable and balanced at address. Not only that but the sweet spot is very generous.

As a regular cricketer, who likes clump a few back over the bowler’s head, I cannot profess to be down the middle with every drive (indeed, my stock shot is a power fade), 70 per-cent of the drives with the Maxx II are acceptably straight (260 -280 yards).

I particularly like the trajectory, which gives good ‘air time’ and acceptable roll on landing.

Unlike some, I’m no techno-buff but here’s my take on the official blurb from the manufacturers:

‘Deep Red technology includes a high quality cast shell and revolutionary precision plasma weldd(their spelling, not mine!) face allows for a larger head with more weight moved low and back. This gives the Deep Red a higher launch angle, increased velocity, lower ball spin and outstanding distance.’

'The head size is 450cc, it’s hot and legal (Wilson claim, so you won’t have to thrown it away in competitions in 2008).'

‘The Maxx weight pad moves the centre of gravity 14% further away from the club face to help square the club face at impact and delivers higher ball trajectory (Oh, so it is nothing to do with how you hit it then?)'

'The Prolite .428 tip diameter Maxx Control Weave shaft delivers even greater torisional (can‚t find that in the dictionary!) stability, class-leading accuracy and distance, even on off-centre hits.’


Despite the marketing jargon, it’s the best driver I have used to date. The Deep Red Max II does what it says on the tin. And you don’t have to pay the full, recommended retail price, either. Shop around like I did and pay only £179.

Golfmagic rating: 8/10