Ryder Cup without LIV golfers? This is what Rory McIlroy told his wife Erica

Rory McIlroy has revealed details of a conversation he shared with his wife Erica Stoll about the forthcoming Ryder Cup in Italy.

Ryder Cup without LIV golfers? This is what Rory McIlroy told his wife Erica
Ryder Cup without LIV golfers? This is what Rory McIlroy told his wife…

Rory McIlroy says it's time 'to form new bonds' as he prepares to play in his seventh Ryder Cup without familiar faces Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia. 

McIlroy, who is playing the Irish Open, opened up to Golf Digest about the forthcoming contest. 

The Northern Irishman has won four of the six Ryder Cups he has competed in, including that victory at Medinah all those years ago. 

Since his debut in 2010, he has competed in every edition of the biennial contest. 

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Over time, he has evolved into one of the leaders in the team room. 

But he has always leaned on Poulter, Westwood, Garcia et al to come up trumps for Europe when needed. That will change in Rome. 

"I was speaking to [wife] Erica the other night, and it's going to be weird for me not to have those guys in the team room because this is my seventh Ryder Cup and they've always been there," McIlroy told GD after his second round at The K Club. 

He added:

"It's time to form new bonds with other guys. Hopefully, I still have a few Ryder Cups left in me, so I'll try to form some bonds with the younger guys, like Nicolai and Ludwig, as well as guys who are going to be there a long time like Viktor and Jon."

McIlroy has now repaired his friendship with Garcia. 

At the height of the LIV Golf-PGA Tour feud, the pair exchanged fiery text messages in which Garcia told the Ulsterman to 'shut up' about the breakaway tour. 

"I sent him back a few daggers of my own," McIlroy previously said

The pair crossed paths at the 2023 U.S. Open where McIlroy indicated he would call Garcia to bury the hatchet. 

Their interaction was only a matter of days after the PGA Tour-PIF announcement. 

McIlroy made it clear in his most recent comments the truce between the organisations ultimately neutralises the 'threat of LIV'. 

Speaking about the two Ryder Cup icons, McIlroy continued:

"Poults and Sergio were passionate and had so much energy, but like two different energies. Poulter was so charged up the whole time. Sergio could sort of turn it on and turn it off whenever he needed.
"Having someone like that beside you and knowing they were going to do something at the right time; that something was always going to happen. I definitely get that feeling with Shane."

McIlroy was asked if Europe still have the 'magic'. He continued:

"I think [we do have a magic] but it's a very natural thing; we all park our egos at the door. In the past, [the U.S. team], with some of the big personalities, it felt like a team of individuals trying to fit a jigsaw puzzle together and sometimes the pieces didn't quite go together.
"That's just from the outside looking in. This new U.S. team, they all grew up playing junior golf together. They all love to travel. I think Europe isn't going to have it quite as easy as we've had it the last [30] years."

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